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A beacon is a small device that incorporates Smart 4.0 Bluetooth technology that emits a unique broadcast signal and allows the exchange of information between beacons, smartphones, tablets or nearby digital signage screens. It is also able to define a location and detect other nearby devices.


Notificaciones in-store

Send notifications with relevant information right at the right time when your customers visit your business.

Happy customers

Attract more people to your physical store thanks to proximity apps! Know its location and interest and offers products that fit each profile.

Experience 360 º

Make a purchase a multi-channel experience with beacon devices and digital signage screens.

Straight to the pocket

Send campaigns to your client’s mobile and increase your sales. You know their name, what he likes and at what point in your store he is. Offer what you’re looking for!


If you want ideas on how to get the most out of proximity marketing and localization technologies in your business do not miss our
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Transform your business with proximity technology

We show you how to reach the client’s heart with proximity technology and make a difference in your business from the competition.

What is a geofence?

The term geofence or geoperimetraje refers to a virtual perimeter over a real geographical area. You can create geofences with a range of action around a certain point, a business, a point of interest or any real physical point.


Combining Beacon and Geofencing technology with push notifications and in-app messages is the most effective strategy for attracting more customers to your establishment, getting to know them better and improving your sales. Join the localization Revolution and custom marketing in Store. Do you dare to go further?



The Bluetooth beacons are currently one of the most used proximity marketing technologies. Leading brands and retailers are investing in this technology and there are already more than 5 million beacons worldwide. Beacons are a piece of hardware that transmits a low-energy Bluetooth signal, which smartphones can detect. The value of beacons is to leverage accurate localization data, especially indoors, to engage customers in timely, relevant and personal communication. Thanks to the new Smart Bluetooth protocol, the impact on battery life is almost nil.


You know what Wi-Fi is, but companies can also use it for marketing purposes. How does it work? A company establishes several Wi-Fi hotspots and offers free Internet access. To use it, a customer must log in and provide their data, for example their email or connect through their social profile. The company that hosts the Wi-Fi network can send the specific content of the location to the consumer’s browser. Wi-Fi networks can also be used to measure foot traffic and the general consumer movement.


Via Audio You can transmit customizable data packets every second that can enable device connectivity everywhere. We use inaudible sound waves to transmit information. The most notable solutions are proximity data transmission, second-screen functionality, authentication and connectivity of low-level devices to devices on any device enabled for this technology.


NFC is a passive proximity marketing technology compared to beacons-cannot be used to send push notifications. It has a very short range (20 cm) and differs from the beacons, it does not allow to measure the distance between the broadcasting hardware and the receiving device. On the other hand, the RFID chip (antenna) does not require a battery or any energy whatsoever. So there is no maintenance problem, and the hardware is even cheaper compared to the beacons.


Geofencing is a feature that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to activate an event when a device enters a virtual barrier. Geofencing is often used outdoors to attract customers in specific places with a timely and relevant message. To start the engagement, you need to have a present application or a specific Web site.


Estrategia Digital y Consulting

Do you want to plan a project with proximity technology? In Digiworks we help you to conceptualize, plan and develop any kind of digital project in a personalized and unique way. From the phase of analysis, capture and definition of project requirements to testing, start-up and maintenance of projects and infrastructures. Ask for advice today and know all the advantages of proximity marketing.

Development of solutions and functionalities of proximity

help you to create solutions proximity to reach different necessities of your public:

  • Attract traffic
     By notifying the entry or exit of Zonas geofencing as airports, shopping centers or establishments.
  • CONTROL and Monitoring Access to areas or events in interior spaces
  • Improve indoor browsing
     In commercial areas thanks to the indoor Navigation
  • Launch contextual Notifications
    with information Relevant to the user according to their location
  • CHECKIN and Registration
     Event or Congress attendees

Creación de Contenido Multimedia y diseño

Do you need content for Digital Signage or your Web project that is attractive, engaging and engaging? We help you create the best content for your proximity and digital signage campaigns. Interactive Videos, brand image, mobile landing pages, mobile campaigns, product cards, etc. We analyze your needs and we offer the solution that fits your industry and product.

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Ask, we are your technology partner for proximity!