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Take off your business with the PREMIUM Mail Service


We configure mail accounts with the name of your domain with the utmost security so that you can work from any device and operating system. Now you can manage your emails, contacts and meetings in a simple and secure way with our premium mail service.




Anti-Virus and anti-spam protection through encryption



Give a more professional image to your communications by mail



Change your mailing plan easily if your needs change.


No more worries you have a professional team behind.
Advantages of a professional email address compared to a free one?
A professional email service with the name of your domain or company gives a much more professional image of a business and trust to potential customers. With our professional mail service you will be able to choose the name of your mail with total freedom.
Can I change my mail PLAN once I've hired it?

When your business needs change your mail plan must also do so. If you need more mail accounts because your work team has become bigger or you need more space for your emails we make your plan grow at the same time your company does. More mail accounts, more storage space, and same security and reliability.

Complete management of your mail service
We configure from the start all the accounts of your business including the migration of existing data, contacts and agenda associated with the domain. We can migrate the email without losing mails or interrupting the service. DNS migration, accounts, and change from one server to another. We also help you to configure it on your smartphone or tablet if you need it. Enjoy free 24 hours a day support and always synchronized emails.
These plans include only email hosting. If you have a web hosting you can associate it with any of the mail plans. It is not necessary to have with us the domain name to contract the mail with us.

* Shipping limits.
In all email plans there is an hourly shipment limit, the limit is defined at 200 shipments per hour and account and 300 messages per hour and IP number.

Maximum size of attachments.
The maximum size of the message attachments is 20 with Webmail and 100 MB with a desktop mail client.

Maximum number of addresses in a copy of a message.
Each message sent can have a maximum of 20 email addresses copied. A message sent with 20 people in a copy will be counted as 20 messages sent.

(The above mentioned maximums are to prevent the sending of Spam and to be able to guarantee a stable and quality service.)

Choose one of the plans below, fill in and send the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Mail Plan