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We offer different digital signage technology solutions that allow customers to interact with brands and products at the point of sale through smartphones, laptops or gestures. Implement your proximity marketing campaigns with our beacons and digital signage solutions.



Say goodbye to the dummy screens with Smart Digital Signage!

Do digital signage devices have the same content for weeks or months? We offer you solutions to keep the content always updated thanks to Trickl and our content creation service.

  • Playlists Smart
  • interaction with sensorized products
  • Screens and videos Standby mode
  • Social media in store

Context-sensitive Marketing

Dynamic or context-sensitive marketing allows you to personalize the content of your digital signage according to the customer profile and context within the store. Interact with your customer’s devices, create more effective campaigns and achieve a personalized shopping experience.

  • Mobile Push notifications
  • Marketing Cross-device
  • Multimedia Content
  • Social Signage
  • Traffic Measurement

Sectors that use Digital Signage

Improve the branding of your company, capture the attention and reach more people! Many companies are betting on digital signage to reinforce their corporate communication strategy, offering attractive information to their customers at their points of sale.

  • Retailer
  • Tourism
  • Sanitary companies
  • Administrations

How can we help you?

Get expert advice for your Beacon and Digital Signage technology project. We plan with you the best solution for your business and we participate actively in all the phases of the project, from the selection of hardware, definition of software until the creation of graphic material, content and final maintenance.